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I Build Customer-Centric Websites for Solopreneurs, Coaches and Founders to
Build their BRAND and Increase the SALES.

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Past Projects


About The Project:

This project covers the whole aspects of website design and development & brand identity. The goal of the website is to showcase the offerings (here, domain names) and send the interested visitors to the respective marketplaces for the transaction to complete.

Branding + Web Design + Web Development


About The Project:

This blogging website project is designed in collaboration with my other partners. The goal of the project to implement various SEO ideas in Hindi and test how search engines behave in this specific language.

Web Design + Web Development + SEO


About The Project:

The goal of this project is to make the visitors feel emotionally attached & happy. Also, to make them realize that this is the place they need to be more open and be bold & learn daily from others in the most friendly environment.

Wire framing  + Website Layout


About The Project:

This website is designed with the goal to showcase Engineering Design and CAD Services to manufacturing businesses. The website was designed from scratch considering UI/UX for better conversions.

Web Design  + Web Development + Brand Identity + Mockups

Obesigo E-Commerce Website

About The Project:

This project was done in collaboration with other designers. We worked as a team for this Weight Management based E-commerce website.

Web Design  + Web Development + Writing Product Copy

Concepts, ideas & Explorations

Electrical & Electronics Website

Cakes & Bakery Business Website

Special Cause Community Website

Baking Classes Website

Payoneer Hero Section Design

BNI Australia: Website Re-design

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About Me

Vinod Cumar

The Customer-Centric Web Designer 🌐 → 💸

I have been involved in design from the start of my college and then my work. While working on the projects of organizations like Jindal Steel, BHEL and others, the idea of the internet offered me other opportunities as well. That same idea made me inclined towards Web design. Now, I work around Internet, Website Design & Development to help Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to bring their businesses online and reach out to more and more customers. I’m a Web Designer based in Benaras (Varanasi). Connect with me, Now!

  • Branding
  • Website Design 
  • Web Development
  • Product Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Vinod Cumar


See what my lovely clients have to say…?

Avinash Kumar

Coconut Insurance

Annamaria Berek

The Red Heel Boss

Stephanie Hütter



"In the short time that I had the pleasure of knowing Vinod, he has demonstrated to me that he is the most capable and creative web developer.
Vinod has a special taste for unique designs and was able to implement some of the best ideas I had and translate them successfully into a website concept. His designs are uniquely and accurately presented which instantly gained my trust.
A good part of his work with me relied on communication and Vinod impressed me as a skilled communicator. He was always a very thoughtful and considerate teammate who can create some fantastic web designs.
I want to recommend him strongly to anyone who is considering hiring a seasoned and kind professional as a very dependable and efficient experienced web designer."

Katarina Miletic

Indigo & Verdigris Fine Arts

Anastasia Cimino

Cimino Homes Publishing

"Thank you Vinod, for providing the simplest yet effective online platform to showcase our creative books. This helped us to market the products to our customers in more professional way. Thank you. We will be happy to work with you again. Cheers!"


"Love the way Vinod present his concepts and ideas. He is professional, considers everyone's time, can think about the whole problem and not only in a small niche, he is friendly, fun to work with, and productive."

Vishal Gupta

Mangla Design

My Web Design Process



My first step is to identify the core challenges that stand in the way of business growth and success. It results in understanding the need and scope of the required solution.


Strategy & Goals

Setting up the project goals. Research the personas, competitors, and best industry practices. Create the informational architecture. Plan the visual direction. Present the project roadmap.


Concepts & Wireframing

Design the low-fidelity wireframes which help with the approval of the content structure and the core functionality of a website/digital product.


Visual design

Creation of a visual ‘look and feel’ for the website/digital product in the form of high-fidelity wire-frames (using Figma).


Web Development

WordPress lets me finalize projects faster without sacrificing quality. I make sure that a website is optimized to follow modern web practices, such as SEO, speed, security, and reliability.



At the end of each project, I provide assistance to my clients, how to maintain the website (improve SEO, solve technical issues, regular back-ups etc).


I build all websites either on WordPress or Webflow.


It depends on the complexity of the website. Usually, a website’s design & development takes few days to few weeks. Clients’ requirements are necessary to give exact time-frame.

Yes, of course. I have already designed websites in German, English and Hindi too.


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